Product Recipes

We believe qaba products are different and unique from the way they work to the way the hair & scalp feel.
We also believe that the whole qaba range can work on any and every hair type if used correctly.
Here are a few tips and great recipes that work miracles.

Pre shampoo treatment.
Apply a few drops of your chosen qaba hair & scalp oil prior to shampooing
your hair, work well and leaving for 10-15min. Do this once to twice a week.

Use a hot towel in the shower while the qaba hair masque, qaba conditioner or Creamy Cleanser is in your hair with the qaba oil.
For amazing results do at least once a week.

Always do a qaba final rinse at the end after rinsing the qaba masque, conditioner or Creamy Cleanser, this will aromatize your hair with qaba essential
oils as well as re balance your scalp.

Different ways of styling curly hair…
We believe that the NEW Creamy Cleanser and qaba oils used together work miracles if you love
leaving your hair in it’s natural state we will go as far as saying that you only need to use these 2 products, it’s a different way of cleansing & treating
your hair & scalp in one step.
Wet your hair well, apply qaba Creamy Cleanser with your chosen oil, massage gentle well through your hair, rinse and repeat, use a hot towel once to twice a week
and finish with a qaba final rinse. Also you can use these 2 product as a styling agent for curls to feel natural, use very little and work well.
Creamy Cleanser will leave your curls feeling amazing and pH balanced

Using the hair masque Q volume foam for curls …
Mix one part of qaba hair masque to two parts qaba Q Volume foam, mix well and apply to wet hair for amazing curls with definition
without feeling like having product build up in the hair.

Getting the best results when shampooing.
Shampooing your hair is only meant to gently cleanse your hair without stripping your natural oils from your scalp.
qaba shampoo is true 100% SLS free that will cleanse your hair gently, shampooing your hair does not mean you need to create big bubbles,
just remove any dirt or impurities from your hair and scalp.
Tip, always soak your hair well prior to shampooing your hair, this is the most critical for a good shampoo, it’s not how much product you use,
it’s applying the product well on a well prepared base.

Removing any product build up or any dead skin from your scalp.
use qaba texture & exfoliating grains with your shampoo and this will help.
If you have product build up, use these 2 product together prior to wetting you hair and leave on your hair for a few minutes with a hot towel.

Texture and exfoliating grains are fantastic to be used with your facial cleanser and also in your styling product for more texture.

Growing your hair…
We believe that qaba hair and scalp oils work miracles in growing your hair because they instantly encourage blood circulation and feed your hair follicle instantly.
But it’s very important to use true SLS free shampoo and to treat your hair and your hair is pH balanced.

qaba 8 week ritual treatment to healthy hair & scalp .
Once to twice a week pre shampoo apply the qaba hair & scalp oil
Use the qaba hair masque for the next 8 weeks with your chosen qaba oil
Use a hot towel at least once to twice a week
Always use a use a leave in treatment to balnce the correct pH in your hair to keep your cuticle closed to eliminate letting out moisture

Maintaining beautiful blonde hair brassy free…
It’s simple to have beautiful blonde hair everyday. We don’t believe you should wait for your hair to go brassy before you use
our blonde range or that you need to alternate your shampoos. qaba pure blonde shampoo is created to be used from day one without build
up on blonde hair. Use qaba blonde hair masque to treat and moisture your blonde hair and for blondes that like to be cooler, use pure silver drops.
Always use a leave-in treatment, this will add more moisture and pH balance your hair, Bionda Bella is a silk leave-in treatment that leaves the hair feeling
soft and ready to blow wave.