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The Marcus Rosin Fund is dedicated to and in honour of Marcus Rosin – beloved son of Marisa and Fabian, and brother to Mia – who was taken too early from this world in May 2014 from ependymoma, brain cancer.














The Rosin family has joined with the Children’s Cancer Foundation to establish the Marcus Rosin Fund to raise funds to support clinical research, with the aim of accelerating research into new treatments. No administration or other fees are deducted, ensuring that 100% of donations received will be applied towards brain cancer research projects in consultation with the Rosin family. It is the Children’s Cancer Foundation’s simple goal to enable children with cancer to have the world’s best available treatment and support: to let children shine now and in the future.

qaba is 100% committed to supporting the Marcus fund that supports brain cancer with the qaba happy oil in loving memory of a true superhero Marcus Rosin.

Little Marcus was diagnosed with Ependymoma malignant tumours in 2009, and since then has endured three operations, 73 radiation treatments – 34 of which were done under general anaesthetic as Marcus was too young to lay still long enough for the treatments, Marcus had twenty five MRI’s had undergone chemotherapy and lost his hair three times.

Marcus had six Ependymoma malignant tumours on his brain. He also had two on his spine in 2012 which were in remission, however the brain tumours continued to grow and did not respond to treatment.

We cannot begin to imagine what the family have been through, and are still going through every single day, what no parent should have to go through.
As family friends of Marisa & Fabian, we need to help our friends at these times, what are friends for. If we are not there for them at this difficult times then we are not true friends, we will do everything in our power to support our friends in every way possible.

Life is a journey and at times we get hurdles in front of us, it’s what we all do to make a difference, as friends we have an unwritten obligation to
support our friends and do what we all can…

If you wish to donate to the Marcus Rosin fund please follow the link attached
Marcus Rosin Fund Donation Page