qaba products
We are

A product manufacturer that cares about creating amazing high quality products that work & leave out ingredients that we believe irritate your hair & scalp and have bad effects to our health and are sold only in great salons. We are a family owned business because we are real people like you.

We think

That purchasing your qaba products from your stylist is more beneficial to you than purchasing products at a high street retailer, because your stylist cares about you the client, they want you to have great looking hair & mass market retailers care about the sale, not you. Your stylist will give you amazing styling tips how to have the hair you deserve everyday. That’s why qaba is only sold in selected salons.

We love

To produce exceptional products for everyone to enjoy not only in the salon but to continue the experience in their own home. At qaba we love everything we do and do it with great passion.

We believe

That creativity and different thinking is what makes qaba different. We care about what we create, we created qaba for a purpose & with a meaning.

We work

Out of an inner city Melbourne suburb, Brunswick.

We manufacture

All qaba products in Melbourne, Australia with passion for you to enjoy.

We seek

Inspiration in every opportunity that comes to us.

Our commitment

Will be to continue to create unique products that work.

We commit

To always delivering the highest quality products that work by treating the hair & scalp naturally & to only be sold in great salons.

We care about people

That’s why in 2014 qaba will support the Magdalene foundation, let’s work together for a great cause. We choose to do this rather than waste money on materialistic marketing that is ego driven, people mean more to us than profits… We will release a limited edition product that will support this great cause.