qaba products

Dear Arthur I am a client and friend of the Romeros and was recommended by Carlos to try your products. After only one use I was drawn into the world of qaba.  I now have become not only a user but an ambassador for Romeros.  The products are amazing and have made my dry, coloured and fine hair feel soft,shiny and manageable.  Thank you so much for developing a product that is not only effective but also safe.


I visit Romero hair and beauty establishment with my cousin Priyanka GABA as she is working there.Before visit there Priyanka told me about amazing qaba products after that Carlos explain me more about products and I used these products it’s really working . Before my hair quickly get oily but now I am using oil and other things which is really gorgeous . Now I can feel my hair like actual smooth hair . I luv qaba and my hair .


First of all i can not express how much i love the product, ive been qabanisied as my friend Fran puts it.. Fran works at Romero hair and beauty and i go see her but when she introduce this product to me i thought nothing would be able to contain my frizz. (i have curly hair) Fran promised me i would be impressed and surprised, well surprised i was i was shocked on how well it worked for my hair, i will never be going to back to any other product.


I get my hair done from Rhubarb and recently found myself in love with the coconut treat. It’s an amazing product and it did wonders for my hair – I’ve recommended it to all my friends.


I have been introduced to the Incredible qaba product world by a good friend, I received the products for a birthday gift while I was in Melbourne, all I can say is WOW!!! I have never felt my hair feeling like hair & the smells, I just want to eat the products how can a product smell so good!  The Yako oil has changed my hair, I love my hair again, thank you. I always buy good products but this is incredible! Thank you for producing such a product. Keep the good work up, Queensland needs qaba!


Thank you for the free Qaba products that you have given me. I wanted to tell you how AMAZING they work on my Clients hair and what more my own hair is looking fab these days.To be honest being a hairstylist for over 12 years trying out most of the professional products available in the market and never been so please before. qaba have finally made the difference in the concept and couture of hairdressing world. My clients and me can’t wait until Qaba is in Malaysia!! We are excited and I believe Malaysia will be excited to know about such miracle products!


I just wanted to write to you to congratulate you on a fantastic product. I rarely write to companies in this way, but felt that this is case where I should. I purchase qaba weekend shampoo and one conditioner, and the oils, from Hair Body and Soul. I started off using the ‘one’ shampoo and conditioner, with great instructions from my hairdresser. I loved everything about qaba. The weekend shampoo is now in my opinion the best shampoo on the market, and I will be sticking to it! The qaba travel pack was fantastic when I had a work trip overseas! Brilliant stuff.

Jo and Bella

My daughter Isabella and I absolutely love the qaba products.  We both have quite thick, frizzy hair and once we used the qaba products it absolutely left it shiny, smooth and feeling light.  Even when we straighten it now, it doesn’t have the burnt effect.  It looks really healthy and silky.  Isabella is so excited that she was introduced to the qaba products as it took her so long to tame her hair but now it’s a lot easier to manage.  Also her dandruff is under control.  I can really tell the difference by looking at her hair that the product is working for her.

Tracy – Hair & Makeup Artist

Since I started using qaba oil personally, my hair has been easier to manage and people have commented on how my hair is looking. It stays cleaner for longer, is not falling out as much or breaking and it’s easier to get styling tools through my hair.

Mel – Creative Conspiracy

Q Spray is fantastic! It gives my hair great body, without looking sticky or ‘set’. Also works in wet hair to give body while drying. Works well in my daughters hair which is fine and always untidy. Smells great!

Melanie – Recruitment Consultant

I discovered qaba upon arriving in Melbourne from the UK. I am not a natural blonde (not that you would believe if you saw me!) and with such an amazing colour a little extra care is required to keep it looking good for as long as possible. I use products from the whole of the qaba range as it offers a complete end to end hair care solution – from cleansing, conditioning to leave in treatments and styling. Thanks to qaba I have the best hair I have ever had, keep making the best products ever used!


I am a great believer that people are quick to complain but not to compliment and we wonder why good service or good products decline; it was an absolute pleasure to write to you & I was delighted to read that you will not ever change the way you produce your quality products!


Love your products. Always use them on my curly curly curly hair!


I have been using your hair products for a month now and I am very happy with them, my hair feels cleaner and for longer.


Love your products, currently working in Brisbane and have recommended you to someone here.


After having problems with my hair breaking and splitting for no apparent reason, my hairdresser suggested I try qaba. I started off with the shampoo, conditioner and oil – the combination worked wonders and there was an immediate improvement in my hair texture. It has even started to look healthy again. I have been more than happy with the results.


I have used the qaba hair oil for 18mnth now and it has really helped the growth and condition of my hair, thanks.


The best products we have ever seen! My hair is beautiful, from now on only qabaTM will be used for my hair!


I heard about your products from my daughter and have now purchased the blonde range & I can honestly say my hair has never been so soft or easy to manage. What amazing products they do what they say they will (how refreshing, honesty you can believe). I will be a life long user & promoter of your products!


My hairdresser recommended the qaba products, i love it my hair is shiny and healthy again!