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The qaba vision was to create a no-nonsense product rage that is infused with quality natural ingredients and quality ingredients science can offer that deliver real results, leaving out irritating ingredients that cause many hair & scalp problems. At qaba we put people first not profits, therefore we choose to leave out dangerous ingredients… And therefore take less profit margin because doing the right thing isn’t always the cheapest thing but it’s the most important thing for us!

We are dedicated and always will be to producing quality products with the point of difference. We will never be interested in keeping up with the trends and with what other company’s are up but rather delivering unique products that deliver real results!

About qaba manufacturing

All qaba products are made in Melbourne, Australia with passion for you to enjoy.

About the planet

Everything we do at qaba is recyclable, we are caring for the well-being of our wonderful environment. Are you?

About animals and their rights

We do not endorse animal testing in any form. All qaba products are strictly human tested only.